Welcome To The Walls.

Welcome To
The Walls.

The Walls Off Washington features over 25 thought-provoking murals by renowned local, national, and international artists. The murals are painted on (and off) walls between Josephine Baker Blvd. to N. Leonard Ave. and Locust St. to Sam Shepard Blvd. 

Begin your tour of The Walls Off Washington at 3333 Washington Ave., and enter at the side entrance on Josephine Baker Blvd. Walk-in hours for The Walls off Washington are 1 pm to sunset, Wednesday through Saturday.

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Featured Artists

Remix Uno

215 Feet of Love

Cbabi Bayoc

Change Is Gonna Come

Carlos Rolón

Untitled (My People)

Liz Markus

Cave Lady vs TRex

Wendy White

Rainbow Drift.

José Luis Vargas

I am not a rumor


J'ai deux amours

UMSL Mural Class (Professor Phil Robinson)

Mutual Dreaming


soul salutation

Derrick Adams

Lift As You Climb

Hayveyah McGowan


Kenny Scharf


Simiya Sudduth

From Infinity to Infinity

Lady Pink

Endangered Enwildment

Dan Ricketts

Rise Up Lights

Carlos Zamora (CARTEL)

STL through Erykah Badu's Eyes


50 Years of Hip Hop

Maxi Glamour

Ode to wonder


I Pray Love Feeds Your Dreams

Interactive Booklet


A mural is a big painting, generally located on the side of a building or directly on an interior wall.

Walk-in hours for The Walls off Washington are 1pm to sunset, Wednesday through Saturday.

A mural is typically created with the permission of the building owner, while graffiti is usually made without permission. We recognize that both require incredible talent and that both are art forms.

We’d prefer it if you didn’t.

Yes you can, for your own personal use. Always tag the artist on any image you post of their work. For any commercial use, prior permissions are required. [email protected]

No you can’t!  Pretend you’re in a museum and ask yourself the same question…

The artists are invited to participate by our Curators! They then collaborate to arrive at a design that will land on the Walls.

That depends on the level of detail and how the artist chooses to work.  Some take a matter of days, some take weeks or longer!

The duration ranges from one year to at least five years.

Grand Center is St. Louis’s Arts District–we couldn’t think of a better home for the Walls than a neighborhood full of all types of art!

You can certainly inquire about hosting an event by contacting Special Events: (314) 549-9990 ext. 103 Email: [email protected]

There’s plenty of street parking available! You can either pay at the kiosk or by downloading the ParkMobile app. Be certain if the parking space is at an angle you back in to ensure you will not be ticketed.

The Walls are generously supported by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation and other institutions that we partner with.  We believe that artwork is real work, so the artists are fairly compensated or supported depending on different circumstances.

You’re involved just by enjoying the artist’s work! You can also promote the artists by following them and the Walls on social media! This is also where you will find volunteer opportunities as they arise.

Possibly!  You can’t just walk in on your own and start one, but we may have opportunities for you to be involved. When those opportunities arise, we will post about them in our newsletter and our social media accounts. Give us a follow on Instagram to stay updated!

Feel free to send your question to [email protected]! We look forward to hearing from you.

Portable lights and props may be used – confetti and glitter are absolutely prohibited.

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